For our Facebook groups to operate effectively and service their communities, we have certain rules in place that all users must follow.

Accepted Items

Only food and drink (including baby milk/formula) are accepted and they must be packaged and in-date; no cooked foods or alcohol are allowed. Donations containing any unacceptable items will be deleted by a group admin.

No Selling

This is a FREE food group only, anyone trying to sell items or make money from the food they give away will be banned from the group.

Strictly no advertising, links, promotions or offers are to be added to this group - please post free food items only - anything else will be deleted.


All users should appreciate that others may also be in need and limit their takings to one post per week UNLESS a food post is unclaimed after 24 hours. If you are unsure of this rule or are in need of additional food, please message your local group admin team, who will do their utmost to find alternative support for you.

Food goes on a first commented, or private messaged, served basis. If confirmation of collection is not arranged within 2 hours the food will go to the next requester. All private messages for food MUST be authorised by a group admin; this is to protect the donator and to ensure the site rule of one food post per member, per week is being adhered to. Users found exploiting this rule will be banned.

Please be kind and remember - it’s nice to be nice! Users not adhering to this rule will be banned. We hope all of our users across all of our groups appreciate that we all go through difficult times in our lives, and we are not here to judge people in any way.


All food requested will be expected to be COLLECTED by the person asking for the food. Any delivery requests will not be authorised by a group admin and it is up to the food donator and the collector to arrange collection between themselves. Any user found asking the donator to deliver will be banned.


The donator accepts no responsibility or liability if the food donated is not in perfect condition. It is up to the recipient to decide if they want the food or not and, therefore, the recipient accepts all responsibility and liabilities from the point of acceptance of the items.