Frequently asked questions

Why don't people just take their unwanted food to their local Food Bank?

There are a number of reasons for this, some people don't drive and cannot find a way of accessing their local food bank to drop food off. Other people have really busy lives and just cannot find the time to take food to their local food bank before it passes its use by date. Finally, most food banks will not accept any perishable items, which means no chilled or frozen items, and they also won't accept anything with a use by date less than three months. Our local Free Food In... groups fill these gaps, thereby feeding more families and, in turn, saving otherwise wasted food.

Do I need a voucher to request any food from my local Free Food In... group?

No. You do not need a voucher to request any food from your local Free Food In... group. Our local groups operate on a non-judgemental basis, as we all go through hard times in our life. As long as you have joined your local group as a member, adhere to their rules, and can collect any local items that are offered, you are more than welcome to continue using our group until you are in a better position. We do find that a lot of members like to 'give back' to the group once they are back on their feet and in a position to maybe help others in need. However, this is not mandatory nor is it a requirement of using our groups.

There is no local Free Food In... group to me and I need help with food, what do I do?

We are working as hard and as quickly as possible to roll our groups out across the UK. If you have checked Our Groups (link at the top of this page) and have found that there isn't a local Free Food In... group near to you, the following organisations may be able to help you. For help with obtaining food, please contact your local Council, Food Bank, Citizens Advice Bureau or Salvation Army. Please keep checking this website as new groups are popping up weekly and we may be able to support you soon.

I want to volunteer and/or set up my own local Free Food In... group, what do I do?

If you would like to join our ever growing community of volunteers by joining your local team or by setting up your own Free Food In... group, please click the Contact link at the top of this page and one of our founding team will be in touch to mentor and assist you. Setting up a new group is absolutely free to do. The only cost to set up a local Free Food In... group is your time and efforts in maintaining the running of the group and making sure all users adhere to the rules.

Why aren't we allowed to donate non-food related items?

The reason for this is that there are many local Facebook groups already established for people to give household items, baby clothes and other bits and bobs to people for free. Our group was created with the sole intention of minimising food waste, preventing families going hungry when they don't need to, and bringing local communities together.

Can I deliver any food items?

Yes, you can deliver food items if you wish and if you are donating the food items yourself. It is entirely up to you if you would prefer to deliver the food items, rather than having them collected from you. We do have a strict rule that people requesting help/food items cannot and must not ask for delivery. This is to protect our memebrs and to ensure that no one feels pressured to have to deliver food to people. It is kind enough that our members are offering to give away free food, but expecting them to deliver at additional cost (e.g. fuel) is wrong and we would never want our lovely donators to feel put upon.

How can you tell if someone is in need?

Our Free Food In... groups, and all of our members, operate in a non-judgemental way. Our intention is to set these groups up to decrease food waste, reduce family food poverty and to bring local communites together. We have no way of knowing if someone is in need and we don't ask any questions. All that we ask is that our members are respectful to one another and show kindness, if you have any issues please contact your local group admin team.